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I had a great time at the Consumer Electronics Show 2009, checking all the latest and greatest toys that makes me want with tech lust.  Collected a lot of information and product sheets of interest, and wanted to share some of my finds with whoever folk that only gets to hear about the show on the news or on TechTV/G4.  So here's some links for you to explore and catch up with today's trends..

In no particular order:
Has a force feedback 3D controller that gives realistic kinesthetic sensations and resistance with many games
Some of the coolest looking computer cases that'll make your friends envious of your sci-finess
The most organically modeled speakers out there with the most amazing sound for the price.  I want a 7.1 system with these
World's smallest laser-based projector display that's smaller than a cellphone, vivid, wide screen, low power, and you don't focus.  I might license the technology for one of my own products I won't be talking about.
The finest in home FAR infrared saunas around.  So nice.  Want one in my backyard.  Cost is $2000 up.  There competitor is
New technology for tiny consumer displays for watches, gauges and stuff that uses colored oils to operate the optics, with no backlight.  They work great.
The most agile application device platform called NIMble.  It's a Android enabled touch screen with a lot of uses.
A simple fuel additive that increases your MPG by over 18%.  Might not be the best fuel saving option out, but it works.
Stupendously sweet sounding software simulated 3D surround-sound system with simple stereo speakers!  Turn your regular headphones into an expensive 5.1 like setup for only $20, for Mac or PC. and
I've always loved Korg, and now they've given me more to love about them.  The Kaossilator kicked butt, with my little finger fine controlling some amazing sounds, and the Nano series is just what I've been looking for to get control of my music
They've got a digitizing pen that turns your laptop into a stylus driven TabletPC with simplicity.  Even works on regular paper as a mouse.  Very cool, so easy.  I want the Tablo. and
Wacom still has the market cornered for really good pressure sensitive pens.  I've always wanted the 21" pen display for artists, but way too much money.  Now they've got the 12WX which looks perfect for anybody that likes to draw but sucks doing it with a mouse.
If you're looking to put down at least $10000 for one of the coolest toys ever, a creative mind can do SOOO much with one of these laser etching printers.  The ones from are good too, but the new Epilogs made me oogle with envy.
The ECCO is the device I've wished I've had so many times way before it existed, and now someone made it.  It's a simple key chain GPS receiver that saves up 3 locations to memory, then it points you back to that exact spot from around the world!  That helps you when wandering aimless in the woods, parking in a huge lot while high, retrieving your stashed treasure, or find your way back to the hideout they took you to in the trunk with a blindfold on..
Check this, a Karaoke Jukebox that you put in money, pick a song, and sing it with wireless microphones, without having to have a DJ guy calling people up.  Looks cool, potential money maker.
Hands down, the coolest software I've seen in a while, and it's free!  I know software, I know email programs and calendars, and this wins for the most practical organizer out there.  Now giving up Thunderbird, Outlook, Incredimail and Eudora.. hello Zimbra.
Very interesting headphones and bluetooth wrap-around necklace speaker-phone with luxury.  Worth noting.
I know I've been looking for a ass kicking electronic drum kit to jam out to, and I found my favorite.  The Roland DT-HD1 Drum Tutor is perfect for everything I wanted, plus it teaches you how to play and read sheet music in a fun accelerated way.  They have other good stuff too, but these digital drums make the show at only $800..
They have some really great audio stuff, for DJs, iPod recording mics, slide/film scanner, video converter, sound systems, and drum pads of value..
Some nice thin, flexable, and foldable solar panel sheets that seems quite practical compared to other solar equipment I've seen.
Really good Pocket HD camera that records 1280x720 video, audio, up to 16MP pictures, digital stabilizer and other fancy bells and whistles.  I'd use it.  They have the HDDV phone too (M720) that rocks and other strange Chinese products.
If you're looking for an old fashioned boom-box that's not so old fashioned, check out their i-931se High Performance Portable Music System.  Pop in your iPod, and you'll be jammin on the beach ol' scool, as a stylish geek you are.. You can also plug it to the TV for iPod video out and records and has an alarm.  It's decked out.
Cool laptops, gps, bluetooth, solar chargers, lcd photo frames and stuff, but what stood out to me is their IR516 Internet Radio iPod Dock.  It's WiFi, integrates FM, DAB radio (whatever that is), Shoutcast, vTuner, and other neat features.. has a remote, and it's the type of thing you'd want next to your bed serenading you in the morning.  I'd buy the IR518 portable too...
When I want a really high current battery for my car or forest rave, these look to be the bomb.  They sell up to a 7200watts, 128Ah, 2750AMPS at 207lbs, but if you don't need overkill, the others rock too.
For only $400 you can make your desktop pc sooo much faster than any other possible upgrade. The 64GB SATA2 DDR2 HyperDrive5 speed is 175MB/s read and 145MB/s write, and for non-geeks that don't know what that means, I'll just say that with your OS installed on it, Windows boots in about 4 seconds.
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