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A Masterpiece of Advanced Optical Telecommunication Product Technology

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  • A Masterpiece of Advanced Optical Telecommunication Product Technology
  • StarLink 1450 UltraPro Long Range Transmitter, StarLink 2900 Plus LCD Receiver, GripSTER, Magnum Pro Power Pack (2), Re-Chargers, TravelMATE Plus Custom Aluminum Case, and all required accessories


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Quick Overview

The X-NIGHT INFINITY 1000 Generation 2 Smart CamCORDER is a special model SONY CamCORDER that has been highly modified by NextLink Advanced Technology Products with specially designed and engineered hardware, and extensive internal design modifications. The INFINITY 1000 Generation 2 offers a very powerful and highly sophisticated set of features and functions that provide very specialized See-Thru X-Ray Optical capabilities with 20x Optical ZOOM, and unique Night Vision and InfraRed Capabilities and characteristics.

Product Description

The NextLink X-Night INFINITY 1000 Generation 2 camcorder incorporates extensive internal design modifications so that in normal mode, the camera can “see” both infrared and visible light simultaneously. Externally there are no visual changes. The NextLink X-NIGHT INFINITY 1000 is intended for use in special applications where unique visual features and functionality is required.

Our X-NIGHT INFINITY 1000 modified camera will also function as a completely “normal” SONY “Handycam” that offers the ability to record both audio~video, and Film, at up to 1200nm even in broad daylight. The unique dual-mode capability built into this unit makes the Infinity 1000 Generation 2 CamCorder a very powerful and versatile optical imaging device.

The NextLink SONY X-NIGHT INFINITY 1000 will capture Hi8™ mm super high quality video and Hi-Fi sound with the compact, affordable, and easy-to-use features found in the Handycam® camcorder. It features a high resolution CCD (Charge Coupled Device) imaging module with 320K gross pixel count that provides very detailed and precision imaging, along with exceptional analog video and audio performance. Enhanced 20x Optical Zoom and 990x Digital Zoom Interpolation creates clearer, sharper images for applications requiring extreme video quality and performance.

It provides a variety of user adjustable features that allows capturing high quality live video images, along with superb crystal-clear sound quality. As an added feature, the NextLink SONY X-NIGHT INFINITY 1000 also lets you customize or annotate your videos with our built-in imaging tools such as Fader Effects, Picture Effects, and Titling. You may choose from a variety of user selectable modes to add creative fades, pictorial / image exposures, and titles. The unit is designed to provide highly specialized and enhanced video with very professional video effects.

The NextLink SONY X-NIGHT INFINITY 1000 Generation 2 is a fully functional, brand-new 0-Lux InfraRed (IR) capable Sony Camcorder with a high resolution CCD module that has a highly modified and internally Re-Enabled Niteshot Function, along with other re-designed and re-engineered features, that permits you to shoot in broad daylight with full shutter and aperture control. Our highly modified camera also functions as a completely normal, regular Handycam, and can film at up to 1200nm, even in broad daylight. Our re-engineered dual-mode Infinity 1000 allows you to use this as your “regular” camcorder, and also as a very specialized high technology infrared camcorder.

Externally, there are no visual changes. However, internally, we have replaced the standard optics system with a highly specialized and sophisticated Commercial Grade Optics System. The new Commercial Grade Optics System has then been extensively modified and re-designed so that the camera can now see from 330nm to 1200nm, versus a standard stock SONY camera, which can only see a very limited range from about 380nm to 750nm, at best.

Our genuine NextLink / SONY X-Night Infinity, Commercial Grade CamCorders are completely dis-assembled, re-engineered, internally re-designed, then Re-fitted with the REQUIRED NEW parts. Our highly skilled staff of In-House Engineers then Re-Calibrate and Re-Enable the internal Optics, to allow shooting outdoors in Special Niteshot Mode.

CIRCA 1998 :
Take note that all camcorders currently manufactured by Sony will shoot a very washed-out picture in daylight situations when in any type of “advertised Niteshot” mode without an IR filter! For a very brief period in 1998, SONY accidentally manufactured some Sony HandyCams / HandiCams that could shoot in daylight when in 0-Lux Niteshot mode. Then, some users accidentally discovered its unique ability to see through some types of fabrics and materials in certain situations (The infamous X-Ray effect). When Sony found out, they immediately Re-Called and changed ALL their camcorders back so that when you were in “Niteshot” mode, the aperture was forced to full open, and the shutter speed slowed down dramatically.

The result was that if you tried shooting in daylight situations when in Niteshot mode, your picture was completely washed-out and way overexposed, rendering the camcorder and its video basically un-useable for any purpose. Further, even if you used any type of neutral density filter in an effort to compensate, the depth of field was very shallow, meaning that the focus was only marginally correct only in a very narrow range. Also, the slow shutter speed blurred moving objects to where the video was totally “un-viewable”.

These types of “low-cost” NiteShot Camcorders were unfortunately being advertised by unscrupulous companies, and many Internet Sellers. They are, and have been proven to be, a complete hoax, and a total waste of customers time and money. You will also not be able to use the “other” camcorders even with the addition of any so-called neutral density filters, screens, etc.

This specialty camera has been extensively modified by NextLink so that in normal mode, the camera “see’s” both infrared, and visible light simultaneously.

What this means:

  1. If you want to only see the infrared spectrum, you need to use an infrared pass / visible light blocking filter such as our X-Night Infinity 1000 Super IR filters. ( available separately – please call to order )
  2. For normal photography, you will need to use an X-Night Infinity CC1000 color correct filter which blocks Infrared light and passes visible light. If you don't use an X-Night Infinity CC1000 filter, the camera will then see both IR and visible light simultaneously which will result in strangely colored pictures especially when used outdoors.
  3. In Night SHOT mode, the NextLink X-Night Infinity 1000 camera operates like a regular camcorder. The IR (infrared ) illuminator LED's turn on, the exposure and aperture control is limited and the picture has a light green tint. You generally will only use the factory NiteShot mode when taking pictures at night where when you want the IR illuminator LED's to turn “ON.” Otherwise, you will see that the Normal Mode works better for IR photography, including low light photography and imaging where you don't want to, or can't use, the IR illuminator(s).


  • Video Hi8™ Recording
    Records outstanding high quality video at up to 400 lines of horizontal resolution, with Hi-Fi sound on affordable 8mm and Hi8 video tape.
  • 1/6" CCD Imager, 320K Pixels Gross
    The specially designed 1/6" CCD Imager with 200K (effective) pixels provides superb detail with crystal-clear clarity, along with unsurpassed exceptional analog video quality and performance.
  • 20 X Optical and 990 X Digital Zoom
    20 x Optical Zoom helps to bring close up action shots from a great distance. In addition, the Digital Zoom Interpolation provides extreme digital zooming with superb video clarity, eliminating the types of distortion found in previous types of Commercial Grade Digital Zoom technologies.
  • 2.5" SwivelScreen™ LCD Display (123K Pixels)
    Provides excellent viewing clarity with improved resolution. The high resolution 123K pixel LCD screen rotates up to 270 degrees for multiple viewing angles, providing sharp, detailed images for monitoring or playback.
  • InfoLithium® Battery with AccuPower™ Meter System
    Charge the battery at anytime because unlike NiCad (Nickel Cadmium) batteries, Sony’s rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries are not subjected to the shortened-life “memory effect”. Sony’s exclusive AccuPower™ meter displays the battery time remaining in minutes, in the viewfinder or on the LCD screen.
  • Multi-Language Menu
    Change the menu display from English to English (Simplified), Canadian French, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Korean or Traditional Chinese.
  • Easy Dubbing
    Connect the Handycam camcorder to any VCR, MasterView 7000 VideoMedia System, DVR or PC to quickly and effortlessly make ultra high resolution copies of your captured video. The NextLink Infinity 1000 camcorder can also control up to 59 brands of VCRs.
  • NextLink Infinity 1000 Generation 2 Modified SONY NightShot® Plus Infrared System
    With NextLink’s highly modified Sony NightShot® Infrared System you can capture natural looking video, even when shooting in low light. Record subjects up to 10 feet away using the built-in infrared system, without the monochrome color common with earlier low-light recording systems.
  • Stamina® Battery Power Management System
    Using the optional NP-QM91D InfoLithium® Battery, the CCD-TRV138 can continuously record for up to 16 hours on a single full charge, providing extra long battery life.
  • Program AE (Auto Exposure) Modes
    Program AE modes make recording easy even when filming in challenging situations. Choose from Portrait, Beach & Ski, Sports Lesson, Landscape, Spotlight or Sunset & Moon modes.
  • Picture Effects
    Get creative when recording or playing back your videos with Sony’s Picture Effect Modes. Effects available in Camera mode: Negative Art, Sepia, Monotone, Solarize, Slim, Stretch, Pastel & Mosaic.
  • End Search
    Automatically advances the video tape to the last 5 seconds of the recorded scene. This prevents accidentally recording over previously recorded videos.
  • Fader Effects
    Enhance your video by adding professional looking fader effects. Choose from Black, Mosaic, White, Monotone or Striping.
  • Titling
    Add professional looking titles to the video. Select from 8 presets, or customize 2 titles with up to 22 characters.
  • Battery Information
    At the touch of a button, battery information is displayed on the LCD screen when charging and when the camcorder is turned off. The display will show how much the battery is charged, in 10% increments and the recordable time left when using the LCD screen or in the viewfinder.
  • Built-In White LED SHOOTLight
    Brighten your video, and reduce shadows when shooting in low-light situations. The LED light uses considerably less power than bulb-based lighting systems, with the same light output.
  • Manual Focus
    Allows the user to manually adjust the focus of the camcorder using the dial. Manual focusing also allows the user to control the focus in difficult situations where either the environment or the subject does not allow the camcorder’s auto focus to perform optimally, such as when shooting through a window or in a crowded environment.
  • Easy SONY Handycam® Button
    Using a camcorder can be intimidating for some people, so with a press of the Easy Handycam button, most of the advanced features of the camcorder are “locked out” leaving only the buttons essential for recording operational.



 Imaging Device  1/6" 320K (Gross Pixel) CCD
 Video (Actual)  200K Pixels
 Still (Actual)  N/A
 F-Stop  1.6 – 2.4
 Focal Distance  2.5 – 50mm
 35mm Conversion  42 – 840mm
 Filter Diameter  37mm
 Optical Zoom  20X
 Digital Zoom  990X
 Focusing  Full Range Auto/Manual (Dial)
 Image Stabilization  N/A
 Minimum Illumination  1 Lux (0 Lux with specially modified
NextLink NightShot® Infrared System)
 Low Light Capability  NextLink Infinity 1000 NightShot® Plus
 Shutter Speed  1/60 – 1/4000 (AE Mode)
 Viewfinder  Black and White, 90K Pixels
 LCD 2.5" Color (123K)
 Accessory Shoe  N/A
 Video Input/Output  No/Yes (Special)
 Audio Input/Output  No/Yes (Mono, Special)
 USB Streaming  N/A
 Headphone Jack  N/A
 Microphone Input  N/A
 White Balance  Auto
 Exposure  Yes, Dial (24 Steps)
 Power Consumption  (VF/LCD/VF+LCD): 1.8W/2.7W/2.9W
 Dimensions  (W x H x D): 3 3/8" x 3 7/8" x 6" (85 x 98 x 151mm)
 Weight  1 lb. 11 oz (780g) w/out Tape and Battery
 Supplied Accessories  AC-L15 Power Adapter/In-Camera Charger,
NP-FM30 InfoLithium® Rechargeable Battery,
Special TravelMATE™ AV Cable, Lens Cap, Shoulder Strap,
NextLink custom designed aircraft quality,
1.0 mm thick brushed Aluminum TRAVELMATE
“AirEXEC Plus™ Case with locking latches.
Includes  X-NIGHT INFINITY™ SGX-1000G2-1
Li-Ion Re-Charger
NextLink GripSTER™
NextLink Custom Designed Aluminum
TravelMATE “AirEXEC Plus™“ Case with Shoulder Strap
One Free Recording Tape
One Year Warrenty



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